RC WATT is the highest-rated full-service home standby generator dealer in the region. We are always growing and looking for talent to add to our dedicated team.

We have an immediate full-time entry level position open for a Generator Technician. Training provided.

Generator Service Technician – Level 1 (first of 4 levels)

Salary Range: $12 to $16.50 per hour based on experience, plus commission on qualifying sales of new maintenance agreements

Benefits: Healthcare Reimbursement, Vacation, 401(k) after 1 year, PSECU Eligibility, NFIB Benefits

Position ideal for mechanically inclined candidates with little or no experience. With appropriate training, the primary responsibility for Level 1 Techs is providing routine service (e.g., system check, oil change, battery replacement) on air cooled generators.

Other facets of the job include: pickup and delivery of generator equipment, siting equipment at job site, trenching/digging for burial of electric/gas materials, and making connections in non-energized equipment (e.g., transfer switch during installation).

Successful candidates will be enrolled in specialized training courses and during the probation period (ranges from 3 to 6 months) will receive monthly reviews to evaluate performance and compensation. Advancement to Level 2 ($16.51 to $21 per hour) after mastery of Level 1 requirements (typically 6 months to 1 year).

To apply, email your resume to The subject of the email must be “Technician – Level 1” or the application will be discarded.

Physical Requirements:

  • The ability to lift 80 pounds regularly
  • The ability to respond quickly to sounds
  • The ability to move safely over uneven terrain or in confined spaces
  • The ability to see and respond to dangerous situations
  • The ability to safely climb ladders while carrying 20 pounds
  • The ability to work in extreme weather
  • The ability to wear personal protective gear correctly

Driving Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 year of age
  • Clean driving record as any DMV violations (e.g., speeding, DUI) will exclude applicants and for employees may be grounds for dismissal. NOTE: All DMV (Dept Motor Vehicles) violations and accidents must be reported to Executive Mgmt.
  • Ability to back a trailer (may be waived for Level 1 Tech, required for Level 2 and above)

All employees must pass a background check and those who drive (requirement for any technician) are subjected to random drug testing including an initial drug test before hiring. All techs are expected to possess the mental aptitude for problem solving, decision making, reading and writing, and following instructions. Professional appearance, initiative, and attention to detail are essential.

More experienced techs must understand the related mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements of onsite power systems (all techs must demonstrate a proven ability to learn — training is available).

All techs will interact with clients in a professional manner and are expected to use their own smartphone for regular updates throughout the day (data reimbursement is offered).

Level 1 techs normally work five days per week (M, T, W, Th, F) and Level 2 and above techs will be added to the on-call rotation. Technicians must relocate to live within 25 miles of our office within their first 6 months of employment.